Trump supporters break TV equipment during the Capitol Hill siege. (Image: AP/Jose Luis Magana)

Stumbling around for someone to blame for the (so far) failed insurrection in Washington, Fox’s Tucker Carlson knew where to point the finger. “It’s not your fault,” he told his Trump-grieving viewers. “It’s their fault.”

The “they”? According to Carlson's colleague Sean Hannity, that’s the media, the left, who were refusing to listen to the pain from the Trump heartland -- or, as Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade put it, have never accepted the legitimacy of the Trump presidency.

Across the Pacific, on Sky after dark, Adelaide’s own Cory Bernardi was repeating the talking point with a murmured “shocking, shocking” followed by a forceful what-aboutery word salad of Black Lives Matters, Russia-gate, media elites and pious lefties.