Rupert Murdoch

News Corp Watch Never forget the difference in the reality News Corp portrays to its consumers and the one that the people who work there actually inhabit. It seems that around the time white supremacist sympathiser Tucker Carlson was encouraging his viewers to be "nervous" about the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine in the US, his company's executive chairman Rupert Murdoch was calmly taking his first dose.

When a problem comes along The Small Business Party has been knocking about in Western Australia for years now, changing line-ups and names about as much as early Spinal Tap. Now it's trying a real re-brand.

The party has merged with WA Republicans to form the WAXIT movement, in an attempt to create an autonomous independent state. Given it's never had a candidate elected, it's... ambitious. But Mark McGowan's emperor-like popularity has recently renewed the state's history of recalcitrance. That might give them a boost at the coming state election.