Basil Zempilas
Lord Mayor of Perth Basil Zempilas (Image: Basil Zempilas/Facebook)

Bloody Pell! Cardinal George Pell is continuing his pupation into a kind of Vatican Mark Latham, telling an Italian broadcaster he believes he was framed by senior Vatican figures for his now-overturned child sex offence conviction -- just as everyone who tries to reform the Holy See’s finances makes themselves a target:

Let’s not forget what happened to [Vatican banker Roberto] Calvi who committed suicide under a bridge in London with his hands behind his back … which is a very strange way to hang yourself. And we shouldn’t forget ... [Michele] Sindona, who was found poisoned in prison.

He really is a pioneer, our George. Highest-ranking Australian at the Vatican and now, surely, the first senior Vatican figure to sort of admit the joint has been known to suborn murder on occasion.