(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

The non-primary channels' total share last night was 35.7%, down from 38.4% a week ago. Still high, but lower than on Sunday night (39.2%). Last night’s Big Bash League game on Seven rated well, averaging 743,000, among the highest so far. But it only really did well with the male 16 to 39 demo, and to a lesser extent the 18 to 49.

But with such a solid rating from 7pm to 11pm, Seven should have won the night in total people and the main channels, but it didn’t. From 7pm to 8pm its audience lagged compared to Nine, even though the BBL game dominated the night and was the most watched non-news program nationally and in the metros.

Seven's hour of News and Current affairs averaged 1.32 million viewers, easily beating Nine’s hour with 1.13 million and leaving the ABC and SBS and Ten well behind. But once the news finished and the BBL coverage started, Seven’s national number fell 577,000 people. The loss for Nine was less just 141,000 -- down to 997,000 for ACA from 7pm.