New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (Image: AAP/David Rowland)

The 2020 Crikey Awards-- already attracting well over 4,000 votes after a single day -- features a (as far as we're aware) first for the competition: someone campaigning to win the title of Arsehat of the Year. We should have seen it coming, from, let's face it, our weakest candidate:

Given a considerable chunk of Jordies' appeal comes from portraying himself as too dangerous for the hacks of the mainstream, of course he'd want to win, rather than allow one of the far stronger candidates -- people he spent the year railing against -- to get some more bad press.

Anyway, it seems to be working. His fanbase has propelled him into an early lead -- and, with breathtaking levels of student politics energy, clogged our various social media feeds with accusations of us being sub-Murdoch corporate shills. You're welcome, we guess?