Insiders host David Speers (Image: ABC)

Insiders secured 579,000 viewers -- a high national top 10 effort -- for its last show of the year, and the first all-Melbourne studio show since March.

It was a good end to a great first season for David Speers -- the program has lost nothing with the change of host. The last episode, though, could have easily gone for an hour and a half considering the news of the past year. The same goes for Offsiders. This has been a historic year for all sport in this country and globally. 

The non-main channels of the five networks had a collective share of 39.2% last night, down from the high 43.7% of primetime viewing a week earlier. That share fell because of the audiences that watched the Big Bash League on Seven. The various bits of the match averaged between 400,000 and more than 600,000.