Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd (Image: AAP/Glenn Hunt)

Former prime minister turned banana-state bomb-thrower Kevin Rudd upped his attack on the Murdoch empire today by calling for a consumer boycott on, the property listing site which — in case you didn’t know it, and not many do — is majority owned by News Corp.

Following the playbook of groups like Sleeping Giants, Destroy the Joint and Mad Fucking Witches, Rudd has gone full consumer activist tweeting: “Money is the only language [Murdoch] understands and @realestate_au is the financial heart of his empire.”

Rudd’s strategy is a departure from the usual call to boycott News Corp newspapers. Will it work?

Easier said than done if you’re looking for property. But Rudd is on the money, as it were. doesn’t only list property for sale or rent but is also a one-stop shop where a homebuyer can find a mortgage broker and also financial deals with banks.

It even had skin in the game at the Hayne royal commission into banks.

If you missed it, Crikey recently reported on Murdoch’s little-known link to the property business as part of our rundown of the full scope of News Corp’s interests in Australia, and how the government gives Murdoch a helping hand.

It’s a lot more than just media and it’s the list every aspiring politician needs. You won’t get into The Lodge without it.