Raiders of the Lost Ark (Image: Supplied)

The total share of the non-primary channels of all the free to air networks: 38.4%, down from 43.7% on Sunday night. That's best measure of viewer engagement with free-to-air TV last night -- fitful at best.

It is no wonder that viewers are jaded, if you were watching the Nine Network last night you had to listen carefully for the beating of wings as time flew from 1981 a week ago to 1984, as Indiana Jones emerged from a jungle near you to give us The Temple of Doom. We are talking near ancient history here. Is it TV programming for the fittest? Temple of Doom managed 328,000 viewers. There’s a big message from Nine here to viewers -- don’t watch, get Netflixed or Stanned.

Nine is obviously still recovering after its new HQ opening last Friday night and doesn’t want to be disturbed. It still won total people from Seven, the ABC and Ten writing yet another chapter in its now usual summer agony.