Bluey ABC

Bluey rules, OK! A night of no redeeming value at all on the commercials which was confirmed by the 37.4% share for the networks’ non-primary channels (including the ABC and SBS). It was a case of anything but the dross on the main channels of Seven, Nine and Ten.

The ABC and SBS at least tried, and the standout again was Bluey — 542,000 national viewers from 8am to 8.20am. The easy winner (briefly) of morning TV and the 13th most watched program on the day. Another 324,000 watched from 6.20pm to 6.36pm. That’s a combined 866,000 watched Bluey yesterday, making the star blue heeler and friends the seventh most watched program nationally. A star, go you good thing.

In breakfast it was Sunrise, 464,000 national and 273,000 metro viewers, ABC News Breakfast 312,000 and 212,000, and Today 289,000 and 193,000.