Alan Kohler (Image: ABC)

And another one gone We noted earlier in the week that there are many reasons The Australian would amplify Coalition attacks on The New Daily and, by extension, industry super funds, however off they may be. It would appear Crikey's favourite bibliophile and the Oz's erstwhile business editor-at-large Alan Kohler has definitively set out which side of the debate he prefers -- announcing this morning that he's ditching the Oz for none other than The New Daily.

After the announcement Kohler clarified that he was "all in favour of not-for-profit super funds".

ABC watch In the recent flurry of coverage about just how white the ABC line-up still is, it was interesting to note the creators of Stateless, a now AACTA-award winning ABC series about refugees whose headliners are almost exclusively white, confess: "We wouldn't have been able to get it financed, unfortunately, unless we had white stars.”