The Front Bar (Image: Seven)

Nothing of any note last night. Not a thing on free to air TV except the cricket version of The Front Bar -- 410,000 for Seven, in prime time. How daring of Seven programmers! Merv Hughes was his usual entertaining self. Good value, like his cricket. Mick Lewis, self-deprecating about his brief international career. Like the AFL version, it is a combination of pub sport/FM radio breakfast humour that Melbourne does better than Sydney (eg Have You been Paying Attention on Ten).

On Foxtel the second semi-final in the Women's Big Bash League had 70,000 people watch, followed by Outback Opal Hunters with 69,000, along with the lead up to the Big Bash League semi.

The After Dark barkers on Sky News were beaten again. Jones was watched by 60,000 in fourth slot.