Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (Image: AAP/Julian Smith)

With Dan Andrews having triumphed over the dreaded COVID, turning the opposition into a sack of chicken giblets in the process, his government has returned to traditional Labor imperatives: not getting outflanked by the Greens on social issues.

The issue du jour is conversion therapy, or the banning thereof, which Labor is making a big thing of. "Conversion therapy" is the almost wholly bogus and sinister practice of offering to convert someone (or someone's teenage child) from same-sex desire to vanilla heterosexuality.

Since there are very few rules as to who gets to hang out their shingle as a counsellor, and most of those offering it have an evangelical Christian background, there's not much to object to in making it illegal, even if there's a whiff of the municipal authoritarianism that hangs around our beloved Danistan.