Jordan Peterson

The return of Jordan Peterson Every teenage boy’s favourite pseudo-intellectual is back. After a mysterious hiatus, Canadian YouTube psychologist Jordan Peterson is back to write a sequel to his bestselling 12 Rules for Life, where he will dispense more folksy reactionary wisdom to hordes of adoring mouthbreathers.

And that’s exciting news for local media’s biggest Peterson fangirl, The Australian’s Caroline Overington. By our count, Overington, who once described Peterson as “easy on the eye” has published at least 15 pieces on him since 2018.

Meanwhile, the next 12 rules haven't gone down well among the millennial staff at publisher Penguin Random House, who’ve raised concerns about Peterson’s transphobia and alt-right-adjacent politics. Then again if you had to spend the next few months of your life eyeballs-deep in Peterson’s turgid prose you’d probably have a meltdown too.