(Image: ABC, via Osman Faruqi/Twitter)

Yesterday, the ABC held its upfronts, a teaser of the year of programming to come. And predictably, the news and current affairs programs were like a sea of mayonnaise -- with no shade to the Crabbs, Rowlands, Micallefs and Sales' of this world who continue to dominate.

The overwhelming whiteness of the ABC's flagship news programs caused a bit of a stir on Twitter. But ABC Communications' response was to bunker down and post their way through it.

It started with a tweet about the "great diverse talent on the ABC". That included shows like Chopsticks or Fork and Superwog. Not really hard-hitting news and current affairs. It was followed by four more in the next hour or so, showcasing the ABC's diverse talent, and, rather hilariously, providing a link to a brief, frantically-written statement telling us how Aunty would Do Better.