STEVEN MARSHALL Peter malinauskas SA
South Australian Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas and Premier Steven Marshall (Image: Facebook/AAP/Kelly Barnes)

South Australia's brief COVID-19 scare brought a return of the bipartisan spirit -- the same feeling that briefly prevailed when the crisis first burst upon the nation earlier in the year.

After Premier Steven Marshall's announcement of a six-day lockdown on Wednesday, state Labor leader Peter Malinauskas took to social media. He announced that the opposition was "here to support the government" and called on South Australians to "fight for each other, not against each other".

Later, when it emerged that the lockdown had been prompted by one person's false account of how he had come into contact with the virus, The Australian decreed that Marshall had been "forced into a humiliating reversal". But Malinauskas found it worth his while to boast that he had not once attacked the premier.