SEVEN WEST MEDIA Kerry Stokes annual general meeting
Seven West Media chairman Kerry Stokes (Image: AAP/David Moir).

For the second straight year, Seven West Media and Nine Entertainment Company managed to schedule their AGMs to overlap on the same day. What a coincidence from fierce rivals Seven and Nine. Thankfully, due to the benefit of online AGMs, it was possible to fire in a few written questions at both events.

The clash wasn’t the only thing they had in common yesterday, as both chairs were up for election. Nine boss Peter Costello received an emphatic 98.9% of the vote, while Seven West Media’s chairman Kerry Stokes was re-elected with a 95.5% mandate (although 619.7 million of his 903.4 million votes in favour were from the parent company he personally controls, Seven Group Holdings).

There were also some striking differences at these two big media companies. Nine has proudly remained off JobKeeper rather than being a media company dependent on the government.