Forget The Block (1.11 million, forget SAS Australia (859,000) and the final of Junior MasterChef (1.08 million program average), the only program Australians wanted to watch last night was Four Corners (1.18 million) and the amazing story on sex, Liberal Party hypocrisy and the Canberra bubble.

Four Corners’ story was good journalism and showed up Perth's local media. From what the ABC dug up, the story on WA's Christian Porter was there, in plain sight, with people willing to talk about it.

And didn’t you just love Malcolm Turnbull’s revenge, which he followed up on Q&A with an appearance watched by 685,000 (and an elaboration) after Media Watch with 1.03 million. But why couldn’t there have been some contact between the programs so that Media Watch had examples of Alan Tudge, Porter and others on marriage etc?