Leigh Sales and Miranda Devine. (Images: 7.30/ABC and AAP/Joel Carratt)

Here's where to watch, when to tune in and what to look out for in the 2020 US election -- it's everything you need to know. 

All Australian times listed here are in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne's AEDT, which is an hour in front of Brisbane and three hours in front of Perth.

Quick guide

  • Australians should know whether Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Joe Biden won by Wednesday afternoon (although there is a chance we may not given the number of postal/pre-poll votes)
  • Most major broadcasters are covering the election from 11am on Wednesday
  • There are election watch events in pubs in most capital cities.

Timing of the results is tough to predict

Let’s start with the most important question: when will we get a result?