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I promised in April I’d see you on the other side, and here we are. How was your pandemic? Pretty bloody ordinary if you’re a Victorian, of course, but welcome out of lockdown. Of course, we need look no further than Europe and the United States to see that this virus is remarkably resilient to attempts at suppression, unless you can shut your borders, which most of the world cannot do. How many of us thought the pandemic would just be a one-and-done medical storm, rather than a rolling series of waves that inflicts different economic and social damage each time it hits?

This resurrected Side View will be chiefly different for being shorter and sharper, with less of my waffle, but the same amount of dog videos. So let’s get started.


“His subjects are cynical and obtuse at the same time, contemptuous toward the past and present but vacuous about the future they wish to bring on.” Two new books explore, from inside and out, the king tide of hate and profound decivilization that social media is delivering.