Johnny Depp (Image: EPA/NEIL HALL)

Plumbing the depths Johnny Depp has emerged the obvious villain in the horrifying and sordid revelations coming out of his libel case against The Sun. The News Corp tabloid had labelled him a "wife beater", which trial Judge Andrew Nicol concluded he had substantially earned. However, we'd like to ensure another name doesn't escape your attention: Chad Oman.

Oman was an executive producer on the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, shooting on the Gold Coast during what Nicol described as the "Australian incident". During a fierce argument with then-wife Amber Heard, Depp badly injured his hand (accounts differ on exactly how). Depp eventually left the country for surgery. This is where Oman comes in. During the trial it was revealed that Oman sent around a press release which brightly said: “Johnny Depp injured his hand GO-KARTING with Mick Doohan at Australian motorbike champion’s luxury estate — forcing the star to fly home.’’

It's a version of events that is so fantastically at odds with the facts that only the Daily Mail ran with it -- US outlets reported Depp's departure far more cautiously. So either the producers where so indifferent to the behaviour of their star that they were happy to make up a mishap rather than find out, or they knew very well what was happening and actively covered it up.