gogglebox TV ratings

No football, no nothing, it was a night to endure -- even Gogglebox (942,000) was feeling the end of year ennui. The brief sweep through the AFL and NRL grand finals in its final ep for 2020 demanded a little more comment. 
But the Goggleboxers’ reactions to the Seven reality program SAS Australia were spot on -- WTF, horror, offense -- and might help explain to the dills at Seven why 20% of the original debut audience haven’t returned.

The series greenlights bullying of the most gratuitous and atrocious kind. Those contestants are not doing themselves any favours for allowing their names to be associated with it. 

Gogglebox (the most watched non-news program) followed another ep of the interminably dull The Bachelorette (581,000). That means 361,000 extra viewers (more than half the Blondettes' audience) tuned in to watch Gogglebox. Big message there, Ten. Nine ran The Block (it was the normal Wednesday ep pushed out a night by Sunday’s NRL Grand Final). It managed 925,000 -- eaten by Gogglebox.