Gladys Berejiklian koala
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (right) (Image: AAP/Rick Stevens)

Everything is politics Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is certainly not the first Australian politician to weaponise suicide rates, but he's really committing to the approach. He has already cack-handedly invoked mental health concerns to attack Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews -- contemptible enough given the federal government's cutting of JobSeeker payments back to poverty levels.

But now he's taken it up a notch, yesterday announcing in parliament that he knew someone who knew someone who had killed themselves on account of Victoria's lockdown.

Apart from the exceedingly shabby practice of exploiting a friend of a friend's tragic end and publicly speculating on the reasons for it, the underlying political point simply doesn't carry: the suicide rate in Victoria during this most dismal of years has not gone up.