SAS Australia (Image: Supplied)

Watching TV most nights this week (apart from Sunday night’s NRL grand final) is really like SAS Australia -- dull, boring, cruel and in the end mindless.

You know there will be the ritualistic bullying and yelling, attempts at humiliating and breaking down the contestants' spirit and more -- a bit like working in network TV actually. Bullying is supposed to be a big no-no -- millions of dollars are being spent to try mitigate physical, mental and online bullying and other atrocities, and yet a TV network screens a program that has that at its core.

And viewers have twigged to that. For the first time in the series so far the national audience fell under a million where it will remain for a while until the final episode when some deserting viewers return to see who "won" and whatever that means in terms of accolades and loot.