Sharri Markson interviewing Steve Bannon (Image: Twitter)

Who says Australia doesn't punch above its weight? While we've not been able to claim the most influential Australian-born media figure as one of our own since 1985, US election season has seen a number of Australian journos make their mark on the international stage.

Sharri Markson

Markson first started ingratiating herself with Trump and his media surrogates with a "bombshell" report in The Daily Telegraph on apparent "Chinese negligence" around COVID-19. Based, apparently, on a single source, it alleged that China destroyed evidence relating to the virus at Wuhan research facilities. This got her quoted by national security experts and interviewed on Fox News back in May.

Now she's returning to US audiences via a Sky News interview with ethno-nationalist and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, currently on bail for fraud and money laundering charges. The interview concerns the "sketchy" Hunter Biden piece that ran earlier this month, thanks in part to fellow Aussie tabloid veteran Col "piss in the sink" Allan. More on him in a moment.