Splendour In The Grass 2019 (Image: AAP/Regi Varghese)

No go with the flow

Hey, remember when we were having that climate crisis which has been long since superseded by all the other crises 2020 has thrown our way?

Well, while it’s not getting the sort of headlines it did back before the planet was engulfed in a viral pandemic, it's still going strong: so much so that the Mary River in Queensland is currently experiencing zero flow. And while that might sound like what you have when your chakras fail to align at a Nimbin yoga retreat, it’s actually even more problematic.

It’s a very bad thing for communities downriver, like Amamoor where the local council are preparing to start carting water into the township. It’s a very bad thing for farmers along the river who were planning on irrigating the crops which provide their livelihood. And it also leads to the water's surface being covered in the dead, decaying bodies of fish who’ve choked to death in the deoxygenated waters.