Ratings the front bar
The Front Bar (Image: Channel 7)

Seven was the only broadcaster to celebrate one of this weekend's footy finals, with a special ep of The Front Bar (651,000 nationally). Nine ran dead -- remember how Nine used to put out outrageous (and low rating) finals editions of the AFL and NRL Footy Shows?. All dullsville over at Nine these days. No wonder the NRL is lagging behind the AFL in terms of audience numbers.

Seven’s broadcast on Saturday evening will easily eclipse Nine’s evening game on Sunday night. Seven’s financial position might be dire, but at least someone there still understands the importance of sticking with a key sport and its fans until the final game of the season. At Nine, Hugh Marks and Peter Costello couldn’t give a damn.

Seven won the night from Nine, Ten and the ABC. Ten’s Gogglebox with 848,000 was the most-watched non-news program again. The Blondette averaged 642,000.