Daryl Maguire arrives at ICAC (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

Yesterday we asked readers to help us identify the euphemistic language of the shonk and the spiv, and you didn’t let us down.

We can’t fit all the responses we got into one day so to start here’s a couple that inevitably get wheeled out under scrutiny — and a recent instant classic from the Maguire-Berejiklian discourse:

‘I’ll have to take that on notice’: A classic time-buyer, stated, as our correspondent notes, with the “hope that we, the people, will never hear about it again”.

Learnings: As another reader describes this one, “In the world of corporate mumbo jumbo, the alleged enlightenment arrived at via the path of ineptitude requires the grace of this irritating conceit. The honest alternative would involve paying some respect to the idea that learning lessons through experience is a venerable idea as old as the hills — it just needs not to be forgotten. Importantly, it doesn’t need a stupid new word implying its user has been blessed with some new and innovative revelation.”

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‘I don’t need to know about that’: A good phrase to employ if your boyfriend/possible future husband (who is also an MP who reports to you and is also “nothing of note“) starts telling you about allegedly corrupt business dealings. After all, who knows who might be listening?

Great stuff. Keep them coming.