ACT Liberal leader Alistair Coe (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

What kind of political party goes 19 years and six elections without a win? In an election where some voters weren't even alive the last time there was a Liberal government, the ACT Liberals not merely failed to dislodge the Labor-Greens coalition under Andrew Barr but went backwards, likely losing a seat in Canberra's inordinately complex electoral system.

Part of the reason is that during those 19 years, the Canberra Liberals have gone from being a pragmatic centrist party under Kate Carnell and Gary Humphries to a clutch of bitter right-wingers led by the reactionary Alistair Coe, the only political leader in the country to oppose marriage equality, and Senator Zed Seselja, another marriage equality opponent and hardline anti-choice campaigner. Humphries understandably quit the party in disgust in 2014.

In the most progressive electorate in the country, the ACT Liberal Party is riddled with climate denialists, right-to-lifers, euthanasia opponents and even monarchists (a position that is beyond the pale even for Seselja, who is a republican).