(Image: Unsplash/Jonathan Petersson)

Get your rocks off

Admittedly it’s been a hard time for any story not involving a NSW premier and her ill-starred romance with an ICAC bad boy to get much traction, but time was that a Pauline Hanson yarn would get play all across the media.

Especially if it showed another outlet acting in an ethically-questionable way and offered a rare chance for the Murdoch press to tsk about perceived bias in reporting.

And thus it’s a surprise that few outlets have jumped on the news that, despite its carefully-worded statements implying the contrary, Channel Nine has been confirmed as having indeed funded Hanson’s notorious "I’ll Climb What I Want" jaunt to Uluru last year to protest the imminent ban on tramping all over the rock by defiantly getting scared 10 minutes into her climb and having to be helped down. Take that, snowflakes!