Jane Halton gives evidence in the Bergin inquiry (Image: Supplied)

Earlier in the week we did a helpful cheat sheet for unprepared Crown directors to help them get through their next appearance at the inquiry into Crown Resorts unscathed. Turns out, we underestimated the need.

Longtime senior public servant Jane Halton fronted the inquiry yesterday, and, apart from lapses of a "fragile memory", she appeared to be amazingly incurious (or at the very least credulous) about what went on at the company she was tasked to oversee.

Regarding the incident when she and the other board directors signed a letter (run as a full page newspaper advert headed, "Setting the record straight in the face of a deceitful campaign against Crown") making assertions that the inquiry has since heard to be false, she said she made numerous enquiries to prior to signing, and, at the time, believed the letter to be factual.