daniel andrews in front of TV screen showing melbourne postcodes
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Last week former Victorian cabinet member and accused branch stacker Adem Somyurek claimed that Daniel Andrews wanted to be the Jacinda Ardern of Australia. He was wrong. Andrews’ roadmap is far stricter than anything seen in New Zealand. Or anywhere in the world for that matter.

It appears that Victoria’s stage four restrictions have been little more than a science experiment for a premier who has confused politics and science horribly, while completely ignoring livelihoods -- as well as the views of most leading epidemiologists, mental health experts and even the World Health Organization.

Ever the skilled operator, Andrews has clearly picked up the growing tension in recent days, and after two months is preparing to junk the next step of his strict roadmap and quietly allow Victoria to move to the next “stage” on Sunday, which is likely to allow some outdoor activities as well as slightly larger family gatherings.