Look who's talking Not for the first time in the Morrison government, some poor schmo has this morning accidentally emailed out the day's talking points to Australia's journalists. Ten thousand words of dot points ensuring the party of individual liberty is all on the same page while creating the simulacra of being interviewed. (Tipsters, if you hear a pollie employ the phrase "getting Australians out from under to doona", please let us know.)

As ever, the most interesting sections are the "IF ASKED" notes, a sign to what's worrying the government at the moment. So following Senator Gerard Rennick's seeming assertion on Sky News that the Coalition doesn't support any federal integrity commission -- even the relatively supine one that it is actually proposing -- MPs are directed to say Rennick has since "clarified" his comments.

That was then Another talking point MPs have been asked to hammer home is the party's "deep concern" about "the mental health impacts of a prolonged lockdown on Melbourne residents". Indeed, they've already been mining this, with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg yesterday tweeting that his "message to the premier of Victoria today and every day, is please understand the significant impact the harsh lockdown is having on the mental health of Victorians". Meanwhile, acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge tweeted out stats about the devastating impacts of lockdown on mental health.