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Following the confirmation of three new cases Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services has announced eight new high-risk COVID-19 locations in Shepparton overnight, and called on anyone who has visited them in the following timeframes to be tested and to quarantine regardless of symptoms:

  • Central Tyre Service, Welsford Street — September 30 to October 13
  • Bunnings Warehouse, Midland Highway — October 2
  • McDonald’s Shepparton North, 175 Midland Highway — October 3
  • Mooroopna Golf Club — Members Bar, October 4; and Pro Shop and Members Bar, October 11
  • Shepparton Market Place Medical Centre, Midland Highway — October 8
  • Lemon Tree Café, Fryers Street (no dates specified)
  • Thai Orchard Restaurant, Nixon Street — October 7 (7.00pm – 8.30pm)
  • Bombshell Hairdressing, Fryers Street — October 7 (9.30am – 10.30am)

As the Herald Sun reports, contact tracers believe further cases will be discovered and that the outbreak is linked to the Chadstone Shopping Centre cluster.

Elsewhere, the Andrews government has survived the Liberal’s no-confidence motion 44-23, and while its latest emergency powers omnibus bill is also set to squeak through without amendments The Age reports that disgraced former minister Adem Somyurek has threatened to use his now-pivotal vote as an independent against any new measures that are not “proportionate”, “transparent”, or based on “expert advice”.

Finally, The Australian ($) reports that Wilson Security’s final submission to the hotel quarantine inquiry suggests that, while the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions insisted that DHHS’ authorised officers were in charge on site, the health officials did not view themselves as responsible. Additionally, a Park Victoria ranger appointed as an authorised officer says he did not receive specialist training and was only required to do a one-hour online session.


According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Gladys Berejiklian agreed to meet with two Wagga Wagga publicans with past convictions — one for arson and attempted tax fraud, the other for illegally owning poker machines — in a meeting set up by her then-lover Daryl Maguire. Reportedly her racing and gaming ministers had previously declined Maquire’s requests, but, according to a third publican, nothing “positive” came from the meeting.

As Maguire prepares to face ICAC today and tomorrow, the paper also reports that documents tendered yesterday reveal an email sent by racing heir Louise Raedler Waterhouse to the premier was deleted from her private account before investigators could access it.


According to CNN, America has entered a third wave that threatens to surpass May figures, with 33 states reporting a weekly increase in cases, Denver equalling May peaks, and the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projecting that, without intervention, more than 135,000 people could die within the next three months. The country hit 200,000 deaths last month.

The escalating health crisis comes as Senate hearings continue to grill Amy Coney Barrett, who has dodged questions over Obamacare and abortion because to reveal personal opinions may require her to recuse herself in future Supreme Court cases. For a hint on how Trump’s pick would handle both, note she argued against the Affordable Care Act in a 2017 essay and counts herself as a protege of Antonin Scalia.

The Republican-controlled Senate continues to ignore the House of Representatives’ two, separate stimulus bills, but the Trump administration has called for another stripped-down bill as negotiations for new legislation continue to peter out.


Yesterday, the NSW government announced that restrictions for outdoor dining and outdoor music performances will be eased:

  • From this Friday, hospitality venues will be allowed one patron for every two square metres in outdoor areas (previously this was one person per four square metres). Businesses must still use electronic methods, like QR codes, to record and keep contact details
  • Effective yesterday, 500 people are able to attend outdoor seated music performances and rehearsals, subject to the four square metre rule and people being seated (previously 20 people were permitted).

Elsewhere, the Victorian government pledged that more than 4100 tutors will be deployed across public and private schools in 2021, while Tasmania has released a “safe border strategy” ahead of reopening to low-risk jurisdictions — South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, and the ACT — from October 26.

Finally, as AAP reports, Western Australia’s health minister has called on the Morrison government to ensure Filipino authorities strengthen their maritime crew arrangements following a second COVID-19 outbreak off the coast of Port Hedland.


There has been an unfortunate accident where my phones and iPad have been run over with a tractor.

Daryl Maguire (via business associate Maggie Wang)

Demonstrating that a federal ICAC would be worth it for entertainment value alone, Wang recounts an alleged incident of technocide from the former Wagga Wagga MP.


A premier’s blind spot: a liar in the ranks and an interest undeclared

“That former Liberal MP Daryl Maguire was deceiving Gladys Berejiklian was clear as day if the premier had cared to look.

“The fact that she didn’t speaks volumes about the casual acceptance within the Liberal Party of financial side-hustles, blurred lines between business and government and a disdain for accountability.”

Here’s the question for a News Corp inquiry: is it still a news company?

“News Corp is hunkered down in the “ignore” part of the ignore-laugh-fight continuum in resisting the over 180,000 signatures on the Kevin Rudd-inspired petition for a commission of inquiry into the Murdochs and their company’s operations.

“Outside News Corp, there’s more chatter. And that may yet force Australia’s media to confront one big question: is News Corp even still a news company?”

Why we need a real federal ICAC: Morrison’s joke wouldn’t have caught Maguire

“It was ICAC that forced Maguire to resign in 2018 after it revealed his conversations with a councillor of Canterbury council about the cut they would get from the purchase of a block of land zone for several hundred units.

“But under the Morrison government’s model for a federal ICAC — released years ago, without any steps taken to establish — a federal counterpart to Maguire, say a dodgy western Sydney MP trying to extract favours for a mate owning a block of land next door to Badgerys Creek, would never have been caught.”


Old king coal has surrendered to solar, says global power report

‘An utter failure’: Coalition blasted over scheme for older job seekers with just half of pledged amount spent

Mental health crisis: One million ‘lost’ in coronavirus lockdown ($)

Apprentice dies after 20-metre fall in WA university roof collapse

AFL to sever ties with Rio Tinto over Indigenous sacred site blast

Essential poll: budget bump off low expectations but still just one-third think it’s good for them

Senior Liberals Michael Sukkar and Kevin Andrews cleared of office rorts ($)

Eastern Guruma TO’s say their royalties have been withheld over refusal to sign new mining leases

IR talks: unions do deal on ‘wage theft’ ($)

Defence knew submarines would cost almost $80b five years ago

Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers attempt to keep deposition details secret


Big problem with Gladys Berejiklian playing the victim cardSamantha Maiden ( Berejiklian is a tough, smart operator. She is a woman to be admired for her guts, her work ethic and her strength. This week, we also found out she is not the Joan of Arc-style nun we all believed, which for some reason has prompted one of the most humiliating public defences since Shane Warne blamed his mum for those diet pills.”

Demetriou should stand down and Crown shareholders should stand upAdele Ferguson (The Sydney Morning Herald): “Crown Resorts shareholders will only have themselves to blame if they don’t don’t lob a loud protest vote when the casino operator holds its annual general meeting next week. Deputy chairman John Horvath, who has been on the board for a decade and was the former personal physician of the late Kerry Packer; Guy Jalland, who signed off on providing guidance on Crown’s financial forecasts to Melco before the share sale was announced; and Jane Halton, who is also on the board of ANZ Bank, are all up for re-election at the October 22 AGM.”

To my daughter and the Class of 2020: You’ve got thisChloe Shorten (FutureWomen): “Dear Class of 2020, If it were up to me and not to COVID I would hold a giant street parade in honour of every single one of you. Few could be unaware of what you have done this year. Not once in the last 100 years, has there been such disruption caused by a virus for our kids. For so many of you it has been a true trial.”


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  • Shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers will present a post-budget reply at the National Press Club.


  • Private Media journalist Amber Schultz will speak with editors of new anthology What Happens Next?: Reconstructing Australia after COVID-19, executive director at Per Capita Emma Dawson and historian Janet McCalman, for a “Mandarin Talks” webinar. This event is exclusive to Mandarin Premium subscribers.

  • Republican and former South Carolina congressman Bob Inglis and businesswoman Lucy Turnbull will speak on “United States of America and Climate Change” as part of the Economics of a Pandemic webinar series.