Liberal powerbroker and concerned citizen Andrew Abercrombie (Image: 7 News)

Concerned citizen watch Crikey has a particular fondness for the "concerned citizen" trope; politicians or the media seizing on an average citizen exercising their right to comment on public affairs, without disclosing any personal interests that might influence that commentary.

Over the weekend, Channel Seven gave us a classic. Reporting on growing anger over Melbourne's lockdown, it quoted "business leader" Andrew Abercrombie, who leads a group pushing for a greater opening up of the state. We cut to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who "backs this sentiment". As well he might.

What Seven doesn't tell us is that Abercrombie is a long-time Liberal Party powerbroker and a former Victorian state Liberal Party treasurer. What's also elided from his brief spot is that he's among that cluster of careless poshos who helped bring the virus back from Aspen. It could be said, then, that he has an agenda.