Junior MasterChef
Junior MasterChef (Image: Ten)

Nine won from Seven, Ten and the ABC (Ten and the ABC drew for third in the main channels). Ten’s second episode of Junior MasterChef Australia did OK with 729,000 -- higher than the first ep’s 703,000 on Sunday night -- but there was a big tune-in for Have You Been Paying Attention which followed with 847,000. 

Junior MasterChef ran third behind The Block on Nine with 1.16 million, 7.30 on the ABC with 954,000, Australian Story with 939,000 and Four Corners with 816,000. From 8.40pm Nine showed RBT (550,000) which put it behind the ABC and Ten as well. In fact the ABC was tops for a while.

And Seven? Oh, it finished a very distant fourth from 7.30pm with back-to-back eps of Border Security (550,000 and 529,000) until 8.30pm and then the movie Crazy Rich Asians which averaged 446,000. Another weak night for Seven, no matter its spin. It was weak, full stop.