Vice President Mike Pence debates Kamala Harris (Image: EPA/Shawn Thew)

Four years ago, Guy Rundle reminded us that according to FDR’s first vice president, the office is "not worth a warm bucket of piss". That does not feel true this year.

This year, Donald Trump contracting COVID-19 and, perhaps to a lesser extent, Joe Biden's occasional tendency for lethargic and rambling performances, make the character and record of their running mates -- who met today in front of a modest crowd in Salt Lake City -- particularly important.

Mike Pence -- the moralist evangelical Christian happy to swallow Trumps near-relentless affronts to decency because he believes it is God's will that he (Pence) should be one case of acute respiratory failure away from the presidency -- did a solid job ("He did what he had to to do" is the NBC pundits conclusion after the debate).