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(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

We don't technically know what the prime minister's "10 year manufacturing plan" consists of until he announces it at a Press Club address at lunchtime today, but inevitably it has been dropped for extensive reporting this morning to a slew of press gallery journalists.

Or, as Anthony Albanese put it in a speech yesterday, a "carefully curated preview" as part of "the drip-feed of government drops to sympathetic journalists". Albo's speech, of course, had itself been dropped to journalists ahead of its delivery.

Unsurprisingly, the Labor leader said "we must get behind manufacturing". Specifically, he wants a local rail carriage industry to meet the growing needs of state government public transport projects. And he wants it achieved through local content preferences by government. Train carriages are "just one example of how the government should use its purchasing power to create good, secure jobs while strengthening our sovereign industrial and research capabilities".