You may be a cartoonist, collage-maker, colourist or even a cartographer.

We really don’t mind, provided you follow politics, business and media and can come up with sharp, witty and/or pithy observations and one-liners in real time, on a daily basis.

Think Private Eye for the 2020s and you are in the right game.

You will be required to pump out ideas and finished items on a daily basis, take part in a daily news conference and take criticism and praise in equal measure (well, maybe).

You will be rewarded for your efforts, but you won’t be buying a yacht on the proceeds.

It would really help if you read and know Crikey and its ethos, and would be happy to use your razor-like talents to cast a plague of boils on all sides of politics.

If this is you, send us a note and three examples of your work to [email protected] with “visual satirist application” in the subject field.

Private Media prides itself on being a supportive and inclusive business that offers flexible working options to all employees. Private Media is committed to hiring and developing talent irrespective of gender, race, background, family status, disability, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.