SA Premier Steven Marshall and Prime Minister Scott Morrison. (Image: AAP/Sam Wundke)

As the crow flies

In a piece of very welcome news for people who enjoy travelling to and/or fleeing from Adelaide, the border between New South Wales and South Australia was abruptly lifted at midnight. And it pretty much came out of nowhere. One minute SA Premier Steven Marshall was umming and ahhing about monitoring Sydney’s coronavirus clusters and whether there was adequate contact tracing, and the next it was like “Hey, everyone, all good. No quarantine, baby. Let’s rub it in Victoria’s face!” I’m paraphrasing, to be clear.

And while it helps reduce the awkwardness for the prime minister when he calls for Queensland or Western Australia to lift their border restrictions and some brave soul goes “Um, but SA and Tasmania are doing the exact same thing, Mr Morrison...?” the timing is interesting. Although it coincides with the school holidays -- and if you’re primed for some hasty interstate family holiday action, go you! 

But Morrison’s been pretty lucky with COVID-related restrictions so far -- like that one limiting crowds at events which conveniently began after an NRL game he was keen to attend (and which also happened to kick in after a Hillsong conference in Sydney).