Plate of Origins (Image: Seven)

Plate of Origin -- 485,000 for the three hours from 7.30. Three hours of pain for Seven, all self-inflicted. Not an error, just a poor program idea signed off by a struggling channel. The first of the double episodes averaged 514,000, the second, 455,000. It won’t be back. Nor will the several million dollars invested in the dud. 

The Block -- 1.10 million for Nine; Halifax: Retribution -- 772,000 -- no audience growth for this one. Why bring it back, its like watching a long Zoom meeting?

Ten again fell to fourth behind Nine, Seven and the ABC. The Bach tonight should help -- time for the honeymoon visits in a time of coronavirus. Zoom, Zoom, it’s an ad for a Mazda SUV or another murdered red rose sequence. Scentless TV. In breakfast Today continues to grow its audience away from the danger zone and is now a clear second. In the metros it was just 16,000 away from Sunrise. Sunrise led with 460,000 national and 266,000 metro viewers, Today was on 331,000 and 229,000, ABC News Breakfast on 304,000 and 200,000.