Craig McMurtrie
ABC editorial director Craig McMurtrie (Image: ABC)

What does it take to release a review at the ABC? The Oz's Media Diary did a bit of eyebrow raising yesterday about the fact the ABC isn't releasing its review into the impartiality of its 2019 election coverage. Fronting a Senate committee on electoral matters, and under questioning from LNP Senator James McGrath -- whose government's ongoing commitment to radical transparency at all times means so much to us all -- ABC editorial director Craig McMurtrie was apparently maddeningly vague.

One of his deflections was the fact that the ABC had released 21 reviews since 2007. So what does qualify for public interest, if not the question of the public broadcaster's impartiality during an election? Here's a few of our faves:

Most craven is the 2018 audit of ABC analysis, one of a series of capitulations Aunty made to conservative media and politicians over a single piece of factually sound analysis from Emma Alberici. The report goes through a handful of analysis pieces to assess whether their writers had been too hard on banks or the Catholic Church.