The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty
(Image: The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty)

It was another drab Sunday night. There was the confected energy of the All New Monty (1.19 million for the performance and 1.12 million for the lead-up) on Seven and the confected competition on The Block (1.38 million for the room reveal and 1.33 million for the lead-up). Elsewhere, the ABC debuted its new-look Sunday evening line-up with another bit of Brit navel-gazing about the family affairs of Rupert Murdoch.

Last night’s first ep of The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty averaged 796,000. It covered much of what we already know: he is a cad and a bounder; he and his family and executives are obsessed with wealth, power and control. It is also playing to the converted. Australians know all about this dynasty. They also know its in terminal decline, with only Lachlan left to sustain it.

If this series upsets or offends you, where have you been for the past 40 years? His and his family’s paws are all over democracy here, the US and the UK.