scott morrison
Scott Morrison (Left) (Image: Facebook)

Gimme shelter

There’s one thing which the rolling lockdowns have taught every innter-city resident -- from the smuggest Perthite gleefully flipping Clive Palmer off across the border, to the most stoic Melburnian only now starting to emerge blinking into the unfamiliar sunlight. And that thing is that during a pandemic in which everyone’s confined to their homes, living and working in an apartment absolutely suuuuuucks

Lockdown has forced many inner-city dwellers to face some hard truths: like that their kitchen is largely ornamental, that there’s nowhere to store 18-months-worth of toilet paper, and that it’s a bad look to have one’s housemate playing Call Of Duty in the background of your Zoom call with the sales team.

Property analysis firm Finder told The New Daily that almost a third of all renters they surveyed have expressed a desire to move somewhere with more space, especially now that commuting to the CBD isn’t a given. And sure, they might have a dog in that fight, but what’s not in doubt is that the market has responded by ensuring that the affordable outer suburbs are now… well, less affordable.