Jane Singleton (Foreground Image: AAP, Background Image: Adobe).

Rich men sit at a long mahogany table smoking cigars and drinking port as they manage millions of dollars for the board.

It's an antiquated, laughable picture -- but it wasn't as far back in history as we'd like to think. And despite the Me Too movement, the boys' club -- on boards, in law, government and sport -- is still very much alive, in control, making action against serial sexual harassers difficult.

'Sexual but not seductive'

Journalist Jane Singleton has hosted the ABC's 7.30 Report and radio shows on 2GB. Across her career she's had to tell a mayor, live on air, to remove his hands from her lap, been described as a journalist who is “sexual, but not seductive”, and endured co-workers turning up the air-conditioning so her nipples would stick out.