scott morrison Andrew Liveris
Dow Chemical Company CEO Andrew Liveris and Scott Morrison (Images: APP)

The prime minister proposes to structure energy industry and infrastructure policy around the interests of the government's big fossil fuel donors -- Santos, Origin, Woodside -- under the fiction that emissions-intensive gas is a "transition fuel" to an energy mix dominated by renewables.

He's doing so on the urgings of a "recovery commission" led by gas industry executives and advised by Andrew Liveris, a board member of world’s biggest greenhouse-gas emitter, Saudi Aramco, and a former Trump adviser.

Central to the policy, as spelt out by climate denialist Energy Minister Angus Taylor, is the government's commitment that it will use its own energy infrastructure company, Snowy Hydro, to build a gas-fired power plant to cover an alleged shortfall in energy capacity after the ancient, creaking Liddell coal-fired plant in New South Wales closes.