(Image: Ten)

For all the chest-beating by Seven about its improved ratings performance (which is all down to the AFL) it's still a prime time embarrassment from 7.30pm onwards.

Yes the hour of news and Home and Away do well Monday to Friday but then the turkeys arrive -- mainly in the shape of Plate of Origin, which is one of the most excruciating viewing experiences on TV in 2020. Viewers are reacting accordingly and turning off; a series low of 503,000 nationally last night should be the final nail. And Seven has the hide to lecture Cricket Australia about weak performing programming! Pot and a big red kettle, Seven.

Anyway, The Mystery Singer reveal (1.67 million) and the finale (1.37 million), plus Have You Been Paying Attention (1.04 million) on Ten dominated prime time last night and pushed Ten second behind Nine. But As strong as Masked Singer was last night, the winner reveal was down around 10% from 2019’s 1.87 million viewers, while the finale was down from last year's 1.43 million. Viewers are familiar with the program so expect audiences to dip again next year.