Mark Latham defamation Osman Faruqi
(Image: AAP/Ben Rushton)

Latho and Islamic councils federation Last week we saw an on-the-face-of-it curious pairing: the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) welcoming one Mark Latham, pushing his recent "religious freedoms bill". Now, what on earth is the peak body for Islamic councils doing palling around with the effective second-in-command of a party whose leader thinks halal accreditation funds terrorism, has literally pushed for a ban on the Muslim faith in Australia and briefly put aside her scepticism about vaccines when it allowed her to call Islam a disease.

Ah but AFIC isn't any old "leadership" group -- the last decade has been less scandal-prone than it has been one long scandal with brief interruptions for sleep and meals. Since 2013, among seemingly ceaseless infighting, the organisation has had its funds frozen and faced accusations of inappropriate use of money, while an AFIC subsidiary orphan fund has had its charity status revoked by the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission.

So maybe they'll take a meeting with anyone happy to be in a photo with them?