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There was some pretty big news in the Pharmacy Daily email blast on Wednesday September 9. If it’s still languishing unread in your inbox then please be advised that the Therapeutic Goods Administration has reportedly made an interim decision to class cannabidiol (CBD) as a Schedule 3 drug as of February 1 next year.

Schedule 3 means it’s available at pharmacists' discretion without a prescription -- you know, like certain kinds of painkillers and cold’n’flu tablets, or Ventolin.

And just in case anyone’s about to throw their hands up about how our neighbourhood chemists are about to become the demented piano party from Reefer Madness, note that this still means Australia has some of the planet’s strongest restrictions on access to cannabis-derived medicine. Also, just to be clear, the stuff is not going to get you high since there’ll be little-to-no THC in it.