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US President Donald Trump (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Donald Trump isn't even trying to cover up the lies anymore. In a phone call with veteran journalist Bob "Watergate" Woodward back in February, Trump admitted coronavirus was deadly and way more serious than the flu. Then he spent months saying the exact opposite, promising thousands of dying Americans that COVID-19 would be wished away.

That confession, surely enough to sink a normal president in a normal country, forms part of Woodward's new Trump expose Rage. The book alone might not flip many votes -- such is the nature of American hyper-partisanship -- but it will no doubt rocket to the top of the bestseller lists when it drops next week.

A publisher's dream president

Trump might be a historically unpopular president but that hasn’t stopped Americans compulsively buying books about the trainwreck reality TV show in the Oval Office. As one Simon & Schuster executive told The New York Times, despite his divisiveness “Trump is a very unifying figure for book buyers”.