Plate of Origin (Image: Seven)
Plate of Origin hosts Gary Mehigan, Manu Feildel and Matt Preston (Image: Seven)

Seven sinks, sunk by the flop Plate of Origin yet again. It's turning out to be a dud year for Seven West Media CEO James Warburton, and this week is no better.

For the second night in a row Seven finished third in the main channels (where all the money is made) behind Nine, Ten and in front of the ABC (which ran second on Sunday night). In Sydney Seven was fourth in the main channels behind Nine, the ABC and Ten. Sydney is the home market for the networks and the biggest in-ad spend. That is a terribly embarrassing result for the network which is all but in the hands of its banks and needing a hit or three.

It has none. In breakfast, Sunset -- sorry, Sunrise -- is wallowing as Today and Karl Stefanovic pick up momentum. The ABC’s News Breakfast is also losing ground.